Racing in Tuscany Our team La Bagarre participates in all the races in Tuscany and in most of the important races throughout Italy. We offer the chance to every biker to ride and race with us during their stay in Tuscany. A dream that becomes reality!!!
FIVE OF OUR FAVOURITE RACES Gran Fondo Strade Bianche March 6, 2021 The 'Gran Fondo Strade Bianche' takes place in one of Italy’s most beautiful locations: the hills of the Siena region. A precious treasure box of landscapes full of rich colors, flavors and scents that play host to the route of this amazing race. running between sumptuous villas and ancient Pievi. What makes unique and 'epic' this race are some unpaved roads (strade bianche) sectors. It is run a day after the 'pro' race, with spectacular arrival to Piazza del Campo
Gran Fondo Firenze October 10, 2021 A 'MUST TO DO'! It takes place in the capital of Tuscany and the cradle of the Reinassance:Florence. Imagine the start in the heart of the town, Piazza della Signoria, riding along the river Arno and passing the most famous monuments of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi to the magic hills of Fiesole and Mugello, with arrival to the legendary 20% steep 'Via Salviati'
Gran Fondo Versilia dates conming soon


Our most local race, jumping from one hill to another, in the magic scenery between the walled town of Lucca and the shore. From gentle slopes to steep hidden away climbs, crossing one of the most wonderful region of Tuscany A race through landscapes rich of thousands years old history!
Gran Fondo Gallo Nero September 19, 2021 Who doesn’t know the name of one of the most renowned wine in the world? CHIANTI. It is also the name of the region where the vines are grown. Peaceful countryside with mild slopes, dotted with old churches, small hamlets, and medieval towers can be safely and enjoyably ridden. A great and ideal way to explore this area and to visit Florence, San Gimignano and Siena.
Eroica October 3, 2021
For many riders, 'Eroica' marks the end of the cycling season. The race is run on the first Sunday of October on the “Strade Bianche” (dirt roads), in the heart of Tuscany, with pre-1987 bikes, wearing traditional woollen jerseys and fuelled by genuine Italian food and wine. A time capsule of the golden era of cycling with breathtaking scenery and atmosphere where “everything old is new for a day”. There are five routes: two short at 32k and 46k , two medium at 78k and 130k, and one long at 209k.

Dr. Dario Trabucco, Via delle Ville 697 - 55100 Lucca, Tuscany, ITALIA       tel: +39 335471233